HR Services

Areas of Expertise
Let’s ll the vacancies, while you focus on building your business. From the intricacies of o shore drilling, to the intimacies involved in healthcare, we got you covered, or shall we say, Manpowered!

Heavy engineering and fabrication, Building and construction, Onshore and offshore drilling, Transportation, Power stations, Agriculture, Auto electricians and Mechanics, and various semi-skilled workforce.

Cabin crew, Air hosts, Aviation Engineers, Ticketing staff and Airport ground handling personnel.

Captains and crews, Chefs and Housekeepers, Cooks, Engineers and Dock staff.

Health Care and Pharmaceuticals:
General practitioners, Dermatologists, Laboratory Technicians, Therapists, Paramedics, Radiographers, Pharmacists, Doctors and Nurses.

Hospitality and Catering:
Concierges, Butlers, Room Attendants, House Keepers, Chefs, Waiters, Valet attendants, Guest Relations,, General Maintenance, Bartenders and Janitorial Services.

Security Services:
Patrol units, Security guards, Bodyguards, Doormen, Ex-Military, Observers, Patrol Units and camp support staff.

Retail Services:
Showroom staff, Shop attendants, Cashiers, Cleaners, Customer Service. semi-skilled and skilled maintenance personnel.

Accountants, Cashiers, Auditors, Credit Controllers, Book keepers, Purchase Managers, CFO’s, Asset Finance personnel, Sales teams.

Information Technology (IT):
Project Managers, Software Developers, Programmers, Web Designers, E-Commerce Executives and other IT professionals.